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It is proven that the more practise you have while on your L’s, doing the things that P Platers do, the safer you will be as a solo driver

Did you know that, statistically, a P Plater is 20 to 30 times more likely to be seriously injured – or worse – within their first 6 months of driving without supervision?

Crashes are preventable and education for both parents AND Learner drivers is the Key.

Not every family is in a position to be able to afford driving lessons. As a parent of four children myself, I am well aware of the expense involved with helping your teen get their licence. I wasn’t a qualified Driver Trainer when my kids were learning to drive, however I was determined that they would all get the best experience possible before going out unsupervised as P Platers.

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Keys2Drive Lesson is a valuable resource that every parent of Learner Drivers should be sure to use. It is FREE – it is Government funded and every Keys2Drive Lesson is given by a fully accredited and trained Driving Instructor. The Lesson goes for an hour but will be logged as 3 hours for the Learner in their logbook (if they are eligible). about 1/4 hour is theory (an overview of the keys2drive program and why it is essential in every Learners journey towards their P Plates) and 3/4 in the car with the Learner Driving!

If Learner drivers are only doing the school runs, maybe a trip to the shops or a family members home, then they are not getting the experiences that they will need to be safe P Platers.

As a parent, do you obey all of the road rules and show by example, safe driving behaviours?

As a Parent teaching my own kids, I was far from perfect. I did my best but I was not a professional.

If you cannot afford quality driver education for your child, then you need to be involved in helping them get it. You want them to be safe on the road right?

Let me introduce you to a program that will facilitate a fun and rewarding journey for you and your Learner Driver.
Register HERE for your FREE Lesson ID. There is only one per Learner allowed. Once registered, you can text me on 0403 063 319, email  or alternatively, look at the other Accredited instructors listed on the website to book a lesson with your preferred school or instructor.

If you have any questions at all – call or email me. My goal is to help as many families as possible reduce the risk of having their loved ones involved in an incident involving unsafe or inexperienced driving. P Platers are not bad drivers – they are just unprepared for the unpredictability of road conditions and other drivers.

Let us do this together!