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Driving Lessons on the Gold Coast present many challenges. That is why my Learning to Drive programs provide so much more than just enough to pass your Driving Test.

My Approach to Driving Lessons Gold Coast

I am in business to train people how to drive properly and most importantly, SAFELY. I do this with four driver types in mind:

Absolute Beginners

Partly Trained

Driving Test Rescue 


Confidence Building

My programs are intensive so you don’t need to pay for a lot of lessons to become a better, safer driver. Remember, For every 1 hour lesson you have with a professional instructor, it is entered as 3 hours in your Logbook – up to 10 lessons only so 30 hours in total in your logbook.

As an Absolute Beginner – you haven’t yet had any time behind the wheel or you have perhaps been driving with mum or dad in a large empty carpark or industrial area on a Sunday. I start wherever you have left off. If you have never sat in the drivers seat, I will show you:

  • How to set up your seat correctly, ensure that you can see over the steering wheel and see all of the dash controls.
  • Where the indicators are and explain which pedal is for what – and which foot to use for them!
  • How to adjust your side and rearview mirrors so that you have safe vision to the side and rear of the vehicle.

Before the end of your first lesson, you will be able to move the car forward and stop it safely along a straight area while holding the steering wheel steady with your hands at 9 and 3. If you pick this all up easily, we will move on to being able to drive straight and then turn corners ….. before you know it you will be getting some awesome experience behind the wheel – at your pace.

Our Advantages

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Partly Trained Learner Driver has had around 20 hours or more experience with a supervisor and has been perhaps driving to and from school, to the shops, work or venturing a little further than their own suburb.

A Partly trained driver is ready for their FREE Keys2Drive lesson with their supervisor. During this free lesson, I explain how to keep adding to your driving experiences and how you can start to take control of your learning and begin driving like a P Plater while still on your L’s!

Driving Test Rescue is Part A and Part B. 
Part A you haven’t had a test yet, nor have you had much in the way of professional tuition to see if you are prepared for your BIG DAY!

Part B is where you have taken your Driving Test but were unsuccessful as you were not prepared properly

Driving Test Rescue Part A:

It’s a few weeks until your test and you realise that you don’t know what to expect. You’ve been told that you need to be able to Reverse Parallel Park and that the examiners are really mean. You believe that you can just turn up and there will be a car waiting for you to take your test in – or perhaps the family car is going to be in use the day of your test, yours isn’t roadworthy – whatever the scenario – you need rescuing!

Driving Test Rescue Part B:

You’ve been for your driving test – maybe more than once – and have been unsuccessful at obtaining that much desired license. You’re not sure what you are doing wrong. You thought you were ready so you booked a test – or perhaps a driving school or instructor had booked it for you. But did you check that you were totally prepared to be a P Plater? If you still have your Learner license, you can book your Free Keys2Drive lesson and take a P Plate readiness check! Why throw more of your (or your parents) hard earned money away on another unsuccessful attempt when you can ensure that you are best prepared for Test Day next time.

(Please note that the reviews below were made under my previous business name)

Confidence Building:

Confidence Building is just that. You can either be a new driver who has had an experience that knocked your confidence in yourself or an experienced driver who has not had to park in a multi-story carpark, or has only ever driven in the country and is now moving to the suburbs or city.

Wherever you lack in confidence, I can assist you in overcoming the barriers preventing you from enjoying the freedom that driving with confidence brings. Ask about my special rates for ‘supervising’ you in your own car to get yourself ‘back in the saddle’.

If you have any questions at all, even if you just want to know if you are on track to being a safe P Plate Driver, I am happy to help!

call 0403 063 319 TODAY!